Now available

Pleasure Island - Hard Copy 1996 CS

Originally co-released with Torn Light as part of the special edition of the September IdentityLP and now available again in response to disreputable Discogs activities.

Poly-bagged, real-time-dubbed c10 with full color cover and poster.

Archival copies

Archival copies of out-of-print releases. Real-time dubbed-to-order with generic or variant artwork. See the label discography below and list your selections in the order notes.

Please note that past dual cassettes will be compiled to a single cassette. Roll the dice.

:::Beyond The Ruins Discography:::

BTR01: Dark Hair - Riese Und Zwerg CS
BTR02: Oaken Tower - Rehearsal I CS
BTR03: Oaken Tower - Marching Thorns CS
BTR04: Pleasure Island - Decathexis 2xCS
BTR05: Gloom Beam / Pleasure Island CS
BTR06: Sean Connolly - Delco Nightmare CS
BTR07: Pleasure Island - Beltway Magic CS
BTR08: Scant - Not Guilty By Reason Of Mental Disease Or Defect CS
BTR09: Wether - Memorex Breath CS
BTR10: Fresh Air CS
BTR11: Pleasure Island / Scant CS
BTR12: Pleasure Island - The Obelisks Of Rome CS
BTR13: Pleasure Island - Ouroboros CS
BTR14: Prussian Blue - Inverted Rose Garden CS
BTR15: Stress Orphan / Scant CS
BTR16: Pleasure Island - Memory Loss CS
BTR17: Winter Ritual - Black Moss / Open Grave CS
BTR18: Swallowing Bile - Malicious Intent CS
BTR19: Plague Mother - Shattered Vessel CS
BTR20: Pleasure Island - Patriot Games 2xCS
BTR21: Vales - Hymns CS
BTR22: Scant & Skin Graft 2xCS
BTR23: Shredded Nerve - Blurred Line CS
BTR24: Unwilling - Dumped Into The Stream CS
BTR25: Mannequin Hollowcaust CS
BTR26: Stress Orphan / Pleasure Island CS
BTR28: Winter Ritual - Deep Garden CS
BTR29: Red Army Ensemble - Perpetuated By Myth 2xCS
BTR30: Broken Tower - Our Flag CS
BTR31: Ligature - Night Discussions CS
BTR32: Roy Wren - Hackles CS
BTR33: Killed In Prison - Murder CS
BTR34: Mistletoe - Yule CS
BTR35: Paradise Gardens - Demo MMXV CS
BTR36: Cathedral - Vanity CS
BTR37: Deterge - Butler Act CS
BTR38: Snake Run - Coping Dust CS
BTR39: Striations CS
BTR40: Cleanse - Lure CS
BTR41: Pleasure Island - Hard Copy 1996 CS
BTR42: Pleasure Island - The Other World CS
BTR43: Whitewater - Incident Report CS
BTR44: Pleasure Island - Drina Wolves CS
BTR45: Purity of Essence - Three Studies for a Crucifixion CS
BTR46: Alba Cell - National Anthem CS

:::Distributed Titles:::

Soldier of Roses - Operation Metal Angel CS
Telo Mimetico - We Were Once Made Of Steel CS
Ex Rev / Hypoxia CS
Oaken Tower - Ancestral Star CS