Final Pleasure Island performance of 2017. Friday, November 24th at the Newark Bike Project in Newark, DE, USA. 


Pleasure Island will perform this Thursday (11/02) at The Glove in Brooklyn for the live debut of Alba Cell. Advanced copies of new releases from Beyond the Ruins will be available.

Event hosted by Thousands of Dead Gods. Flyer by Justin Lakes.


New releases available soon from Whitewater and more. More information to come.



:::Beyond The Ruins:::

BTR01: Dark Hair - Riese Und Zwerg CS
BTR02: Oaken Tower - Rehearsal I CS
BTR03: Oaken Tower - Marching Thorns CS
BTR04: Pleasure Island - Decathexis 2xCS
BTR05: Gloom Beam / Pleasure Island CS
BTR06: Sean Connolly - Delco Nightmare CS
BTR07: Pleasure Island - Beltway Magic CS
BTR08: Scant - Not Guilty By Reason Of Mental Disease Or Defect CS
BTR09: Wether - Memorex Breath CS
BTR10: Fresh Air CS
BTR11: Pleasure Island / Scant CS
BTR12: Pleasure Island - The Obelisks Of Rome CS
BTR13: Pleasure Island - Ouroboros CS
BTR14: Prussian Blue - Inverted Rose Garden CS
BTR15: Stress Orphan / Scant CS
BTR16: Pleasure Island - Memory Loss CS
BTR17: Winter Ritual - Black Moss / Open Grave CS
BTR18: Swallowing Bile - Malicious Intent CS
BTR19: Plague Mother - Shattered Vessel CS
BTR20: Pleasure Island - Patriot Games 2xCS
BTR21: Vales - Hymns CS
BTR22: Scant & Skin Graft 2xCS
BTR23: Shredded Nerve - Blurred Line CS
BTR24: Unwilling - Dumped Into The Stream CS
BTR25: Mannequin Hollowcaust CS
BTR26: Stress Orphan / Pleasure Island CS
BTR28: Winter Ritual - Deep Garden CS
BTR29: Red Army Ensemble - Perpetuated By Myth 2xCS
BTR30: Broken Tower - Our Flag CS
BTR31: Ligature - Night Discussions CS
BTR32: Roy Wren - Hackles CS
BTR33: Killed In Prison - Murder CS
BTR34: Mistletoe - Yule CS
BTR35: Paradise Gardens - Demo MMXV CS
BTR36: Cathedral - Vanity CS
BTR37: Deterge - Butler Act CS
BTR38: Snake Run - Coping Dust CS
BTR39: Striations CS
BTR40: Cleanse - Lure CS
BTR41: Pleasure Island - Hard Copy 1996 CS
BTR42: Pleasure Island - The Other World CS


Soldier of Roses - Operation Metal Angel CS
Telo Mimetico - We Were Once Made Of Steel CS
Ex Rev / Hypoxia CS

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